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Track Name: Forever Mine
Think of all the ways you grew up trying to DE-THORN yourself, as if you’d be any more or less beautiful of a rose.
Track Name: Self Surrender
When you are tired of mourning the happiness of others and your ego is disabled.

You will find still, that much work is left to be done.

Sometimes it seems like all we ever do is grow
Track Name: Rain On The North Side
I was once an eager pleaser
A gun changed that.
I was believed to be too much or too little
I believed that.

There is rain on the northside and I’m knocked to the moon and back.

I created a spindle that could spin me forever.
I wish upon the spindle to spin me till I'm never

There is rain on the northside and I’m knocked to the moon and back.

I was a hazy figure in a fuzzy framed picture
nothing more than that.

There is rain on the northside
Track Name: Dust
You blow me out like a pile of dust. You hold onto hate that was never yours.

I walk through palms out crucified.
by exhaustion.
I feel the walls, checking for fires.
You've learned to love your enemies.

I am not defined by violence

Track Name: Into The Dark
I've seen you wear your masks
I've seen you cause so much pain
Iv seen you lose yourself time and time again
I've seen myself in you
I've seen the love shine through
I have conviction in the life I choose

It's not so easy to crutch the pain.
You lean so hard on the things you hate.

It's never a life free of doubt.
It's one less demon to worry about
The choice is yours and yours alone.
Another breath that I control.

It feels calming to own one piece of my life for once.
Track Name: Trace
Tracing lines as if we know any better.
We know nothing truly
I'm not smart, but I can learn

Maya told me "you continue to grow, you develop courage, the most import a of all virtues"

What I knew yesterday has changed.
In a world where so many people base their value on those who know the most. I listen to the ones who are willing to admit they know nothing.
Track Name: Tesora
So you want to be adored?
Eyes as soft as yolk.

You often spark, but You seldom glow.

So you want to be a treasure?
You've always been one.
Track Name: Dealing With The Fallout
One thing at a time. Quiet roses in my head.

Dealing with selfish doubt and eager insecurities.

Reminding myself
that it’s ok to make yourself
vulnerable to people who care as long as you’re clear and communicate
with what
you’re doing,
it’s totally ok to be primarily available to yourself.

Logout, fallout, deterioration, restoration.
Track Name: Repossess
We move on.
From what was
We move on.
To what we’ve always known
We move on.

Just because you failed doesn't mean you did it wrong
Track Name: Simple Motherfuckers
You can't split a stream from standing on the side.
We put ourselves in the path of resistance in the only ways we feel safe.

And I can't fucking understand
Why we chose something so simple to combat something so complex within ourselves.

All you simple motherfuckers
This is what it's like
To be punk in 2016
Eat shit
Track Name: Sick Of The Night
She told him it was fall, so he fell.
I’ll go anywhere, but I’m not going home.
Chasing after the light. I’m done, I’m sick of the night.

He told her to do whatever you want, so she became content.

It was sadness before, but now its realization.
It was anger before, but now its surrender